Share Longcode Vs Dedicated Longcode

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Share Longcode Vs Dedicated Longcode

Using SMSGATEWAYHUB you can get virtual numbers to receive SMS. They have three options to receive SMS which are Keyword, Long code and Short code let me tell you about all three in detail:

  • Keyword: Where you can select a business keyword(for example SMSHUB is my keyword) that will become your inbox and SMSHUB has a dedicated long code which is 9664653344 . If my customer sends a message to 9664653344  with SMSHUB in the message you will receive the message sent by the customer in the SMSHUB inbox.
  • Short code:Short code is a virtual number which ranges from 5 digits to 9 digits which can be used to receive and send messages. You can also have Keywords on your dedicated short codes. Taking a short code is always advantageous as it is easy to remember.
  • Long code:It is a 10 digit virtual number which is similar to a phone number. You can receive and send messages to this number. You can also have Keywords to your dedicated long code to have different inboxes.

SMSGGATEWAYHUB is the No.1 SMS platform in India with over 65,000 enterprises using their SMS platform. On sign up they provide you with 100 free credits to test their platform. SMSGATEWAYHUB does not generate verification codes you will have to do it at your end they can provide you with virtual number as mentioned above.

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"Transactional SMS"

How Transactional SMS is grow your Business?

Transactional SMS used to be simply a service in business-to-consumer interaction. Clients valued getting a verification email for their on the internet purchases; written text pointers let mobile phone members stay on top of utilization and billing; and notices notified someone when a buddy published a concept on their Facebook or twitter wall. Now, with the blast of smart phone and product processing, more dealings are occurring on the internet, and customers have come to expect appropriate messaging in all factors of their daily transactions.

Know How Transactional SMS Works?

Many of the techniques and methods that promoters have typically trusted to drive client involvement have become less effective recently. Bulk SMS marketing via cell phones, life-cycle texting, and commitment applications used as separate techniques no longer cut it in modern technology-driven world. Transactional SMS, on the other hand, take discussions from heavy to credible. An “everyone” e-mail, written text, or aware is much easier to neglect than a designed reaction to a discussion a client has already started.

Below are 6 factors transactional sms that helps to improves client engagement:

It’s predicted: Transactional SMS have greater start prices than bulk emails because clients already anticipate listening to from you. The information is informative and fulfilling. They are an efficient way to thank clients for the transaction, ask them for reviews, and point them toward extra items and information that fulfill their needs-before they ask.

It’s private: Transactional SMS starts a conversation the consumer already began when they asked for a service or asked for help. They develop highly effective and resilient relationships based on properly followed customer activities, options, and information.

It’s beneficial: People appreciate those who make their lifestyles simpler. Companies that are fast to evolve to the pattern of API-driven, multiplatform transactional sms workflows have the capability to provide possibilities for choice, allowing clients choose the product with which they want to get on-time information and signals.

It’s smooth: Personal dealings can become a wealthy discussion and can be sent to one or many gadgets at the same time, based on the needs of the client.

It’s successful: Since it is predicted, transactional texting is a great route for up sell and cross-sell possibilities.

It’s appropriate: The objective of embedding marketing content into transactional texting is not to outsmart visitors, but to make and develop a credible connection with your customer using information that is appropriate, appropriate, and authentic.

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"Bulk SMS Services India"

Best Bulk SMS Services Provided in INDIA

Bulk SMS INDIA is a powerful way of sending some useful information to the clients or customers. It is the most widely used platform for sending thousands of SMS in a short span of time. Bulk SMS are in the top trends among the INDIA businessman in past 7 years. Today there are many business organizations and entrepreneurs who don’t know how to promote their brands. They know only the service providers. In that case the one and only name which came in our mind is PRP Bulk SMS Service provider in INDIA. We have on the floor ready dedicated professionals who promote your brands and try to reach them to all rural and urban peoples so that you get the maximum outcome from your business.

In today’s competitive world, all organizations pertaining to their business have set their goals. In order to achieve those goals the organizations make some strategies so that they can directly in contact or aware them about their brands and services. Bulk SMS Services in INDIA is one of such effective and popular strategies. With the help of this you can easily connected with your customers and gave them some useful information about your products. If you want to spread your brand information up to the mark then it is highly recommend you to get in touch with PRP Bulk SMS Service.

Due to advancement of Mobile and Internet Technology, Communication via SMS is easily acceptable and most widely used. To manage your business campaign financially, Bulk SMS @ PRP Services INDIA is widely adapted. In order to give your brand position Viral, SMS will be one and only option for you. We have multiple SMS plans and Services which fulfill your all terms and conditions and gave the best results with in your time and budgets. We never want to maximize your expenditure rather than that we always try to maximize your profit with in the same budget. Here one thing which we have to always keep in mind is the SMS Gateway Software which is the best possible option to increase your response rate. Thus we can say that the best way to succeed in the market with your brand is to employ a Bulk SMS provider in INDIA. Employ PRP, one of the best possible Bulk SMS Providers for you organization

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Make Your Business More Successful by Bulk SMS Service provider

In today’s period of correspondence and quick moving organizations through the Internet it turns out to be genuinely important to spare time for showcasing and in addition advancement of your items and services.

In this season of brisk and exact communication, everybody needs to deliver messages discrete . Sending texts is in pattern and various SMS emissaries have now begun picking up notoriety. Bulk SMS informing is the main implies that empowers brief SMS content notice to a particular gathering of individuals that can go up to thousands or lacs. However, when it is being sent in a gathering or in vast numbers its rang as Bulk SMS India.


Major Advantages of use Bulk SMS Services
  • One of the major advantages of interest of this innovation is that it takes just a couple of minutes to forward a huge number of short messages (SMS) over to the clients
  • Bulk SMS is keeping touch with your clients. On the off chance that you as of now have the client’s contact data, you should use it to its full advantage
  • Bulk SMS is that it can be very cost effective. This procedure is far less expensive than utilizing direct showcasing to tell your clients about your promotion.
  • Bulk SMS can make your marketing promotion more effectual.
  • Increase customer engagement via Bulk SMS Service
  • Bulk SMS is an perfect approach to improve engagement in the middle of brand and clients. Send upgrades and news of up and coming advancement of your image this will make your client overhauled about your new dispatches which will straightforwardly influence your deals.

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Two-Way Messaging solution to put you on the fast lane to Interactivity

icon-longcodeDue to today’s dynamic way of how a business is conducted, more employees, customers, vendors and alike are working while on the move and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform day to day business tasks. The need of the hour is to make structured data available with the stake holder that drives mobile enabled communication in a secured manner. Also a system is required for increasing the interaction with mobile users and engaging them in every possible way. Two-Way Messaging Solutions serves the purpose aptly. It helps Enterprises have a global reach, ensure quality service and a secured mechanism to distribute and access corporate data. The solution brings to you the ease of a web enabled application on any phone and related devices, anywhere and everywhere. This in turn helps in achieving high productivity level, save time, cost and enhance the response level resulting in a rich customer delight.

Two-Way Messaging solutions empower enterprises by engaging its community across the globe. The interactivity and the global reach that the solution provides, it helps to engage customers and employees with ease in meaningful interactions in a secured manner. This in turn supports business functions, works as effective PR and accelerates reactions.

Two-Way Messaging has proved to be enhancing operational efficiencies and increased interactivity for enterprises when it comes to dealing with customers and employees. . The younger workers who’re used to texting their friends can use Two-way solutions to interact with their colleagues. Two-Way texting is useful in institutions where the employees deal with sensitive or confidential information. Secure texting makes sure that they keep track of the exchange of information while at the same time, speeding up processes.

With an enterprise texting solution, companies can better enforce corporate messaging policies, thereby making it easier for employees to find and connect with co-workers. Companies in Retail, Healthcare and Financial industries are particularly attracted to this solution since it allows colleagues to engage in secure texting when dealing with confidential information such as patient information etc

An Indian Retail giant has recently introduced the enterprise texting services to reduce the lead time of procurement and distribution. The Two-Way Messaging system has helped the Retail Giant not only cut the cost, but also create a better response management from their vendor pan India. For eg: if a buyer of a certain category requires any product, he simply sends an SMS from the phone. The message is instantly delivered to all the vendors in the given location. The vendors in turn revert with a text stating the pricing and quantity available. This helps the Retail giant in making a quick comparison and helps him save lot of time and money. The material is procured and delivered at the lowest possible cost with a click of a button.

 A multinational healthcare organization has enabled enterprise texting to help the doctors and nurses interact with different departments while carrying out their activities. The fact that these messages can alert the recipient as well as the sender as to when it’s been delivered or read makes it that much more easier for them to keep track of responses. For example, if a nurse texts a doctor, she knows when the message was delivered and read. If a doctor is with a patient, he can instantly text the appropriate people in different departments instead of going to a computer and emailing them. Therefore it cuts down processes and delays.

Two-Way Messaging Solution and Virtual Number

Most Two-Way messaging solutions use a short or long code. SMSGATEWAYHUB enables Two-way messaging using a a virtual number which is a ten digit number that is accessible to all mobile users across the globe to receive SMS or Voice calls. An Enterprise can have their unique Virtual Number with minimal cost. As for the receiver, interaction via a Virtual Number is highly affordable compared to a Short Code.

SMSGATEWAYHUB owns to its credit of being the pioneer of virtual number in India. During its decade plus of existence, the company has implemented the Virtual Number solutions across different industries to affect the lives of millions of people on a daily basis. Some of the key business that have successfully applied this solution includes BFSI, BPO services, IT industries, Stock Exchange, Retail etc.

Advantages of SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging Solutions

Two-Way Messaging Solutions completes your interaction cycle. Responses to mobile users can be initiated via SMS, a Voice call or an E-Mail.

Here’s a list of just a few advantages of integrating SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging Solutions to your Enterprise Application:

  • Increases interaction: It increases the speed of response since your customers have the option of responding to your messages right away from a mobile phone. This also helps them engage in the activity as soon as possible rather than be distracted by other things.
  • Gives a personal touch to your business: Two-way Messaging allows businesses to stay in touch with customers since it creates a dialogue. This gives business a personal aspect to it. In this day and age when customers feel invisible in the mass labelled as target audience, this is best way to reach out and retain customers.
  • Global Reach: SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging Solutions allows users to remain in touch and effective regardless of their location or devices, thereby extending the everyday essential business communication and productivity tools – the need of today’s business.
  • Works as PR for the company: Communicating directly with the customer can complement marketing and PR initiatives by using dynamic, interactive campaigns.
  • Cost Effective: While it is very easy to implement, it is very cost effective too. Two-Way Messaging Solutions offered by SMSGATEWAYHUB comes packed with a SaaS based UI which is user friendly and requires less technological know-how. The services can be accessed from the basic mobiles phones available in the market and thus further reduces the cost of smart phone procurement and mobile application development.
  • Ease of Accessibility & Implementation: Since the responses can be initiated via SMS and a Voice call apart from an E-Mail the derived benefits of the solution can be utilised by even a basic mobile phone user. There are no geographical boundaries when it comes to the implementation of the system and the simplicity of the system makes its very user friendly.

How to incorporate SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging Solutions into your business

SMSGATEWAYUB  Two-Way Messaging Solutions allows customers and enterprises to interact with each other using SMSGATEWAYHUB Virtual Number platform. SMS allocates a 10-digit Virtual Number, medium code or a short code to enterprises which they can publish to customers asking them to send SMSes.

SMSGATEWAYHUB hosts these numbers on its virtual number platform. Customers of enterprises who have subscribed to Two-way messaging services from SMSGATEWAYHUB can communicate with the enterprise by sending an SMS to these virtual numbers.

Enterprises are given the option to configure static or keyword specific auto-responses via SMSes. SMSes received on these virtual numbers can be forwarded to enterprises as an email or an API. The API integration can organize the required internal action and provide a proactive response as an API Echo itself.

The entire behavior of the two-messaging can be controlled on SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging UI that offers a comprehensive business rule creation wizard.