Share Longcode Vs Dedicated Longcode

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Share Longcode Vs Dedicated Longcode

Using SMSGATEWAYHUB you can get virtual numbers to receive SMS. They have three options to receive SMS which are Keyword, Long code and Short code let me tell you about all three in detail:

  • Keyword: Where you can select a business keyword(for example SMSHUB is my keyword) that will become your inbox and SMSHUB has a dedicated long code which is 9664653344 . If my customer sends a message to 9664653344  with SMSHUB in the message you will receive the message sent by the customer in the SMSHUB inbox.
  • Short code:Short code is a virtual number which ranges from 5 digits to 9 digits which can be used to receive and send messages. You can also have Keywords on your dedicated short codes. Taking a short code is always advantageous as it is easy to remember.
  • Long code:It is a 10 digit virtual number which is similar to a phone number. You can receive and send messages to this number. You can also have Keywords to your dedicated long code to have different inboxes.

SMSGGATEWAYHUB is the No.1 SMS platform in India with over 65,000 enterprises using their SMS platform. On sign up they provide you with 100 free credits to test their platform. SMSGATEWAYHUB does not generate verification codes you will have to do it at your end they can provide you with virtual number as mentioned above.

For More Detail visit or call : 9009402256


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SMPP API for Carrier-grade Messaging

Connection Details
Server Address: Port: 3456TON and NPI: 0MessageMedia will provide customers with an SMPP username and password on request

Implementation Notes
The Message Media SMPP server is SMPP 3.4 compatible. The SMPP specification can be found at


The following SMPP commands are supported:

if source address is empty, one of Message Media’s general sending numbers will be used
long messages over 160 characters, but less than 254 characters can be sent through the short_message parameter
long messages over 160 characters and up to 65,000 characters can be sent through the message_payload optional parameter. See section 3.2.3 of the SMPP 3.4 specification. The short_message parameter should be null
long messages will be sent as concatenated messages from the gateway where possible

The following SMPP commands are not supported and will be ignored by the SMPP server:


The following delivery report types are supported:

DELIVRD – Message was successfully delivered
UNDELIV – Message is undeliverable (error with the destination)
EXPIRED – Message could not be delivered within validity period
REJECTD – Message was explicitly rejected by an upstream carrier
Please note that SMSGATEWAYHUB support up to eight concurrent binds.

If you have any questions, please contact SMSGATEWAYHUB Support on +91 9907922122 or Email us at

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How do long-code SMS services work?

Lead Generation! Voting!

Long Code/Virtual Number refers to virtual 10 digit number which can be used to receive SMS from other mobile numbers of all over the world. Long Code are just like your mobile phone number.

This allows people to reply of your Bulk SMS campaigns that you send them by obtaining 2-way SMS. They do not need to start their text with a keyword, so no matter what they send, their entire text is captured. Long codes can also texted directly so customers might be able to text you with specific query for example

Shared Long Code:

Shared Long Code is one shared by more than one company. This means there are multiple applications or services running on it which are designated by keywords.

If you avail this service, you will get one number which is shared by many other business people. But for your need it is differ with the business keywords of your product or service.

For Example: Let say number is 9664653344. So this number is already shared by many people with their respective keywords. Now, let say my business is Bulk SMS. Then I will prepare the content of promotion as given below:

“Hello, Happy New Year!! On occasion of these happy moments, SMSGATEWAYHUB provides you great discounts on BULK SMS Services to promote your Business & Services. For Free Demo Trial Type SMSHUB and send it to 9664653344.”

So whoever the customer type the keyword and send SMS to above number, then automatically we will get details of the prospect to our server. After that we can interact with the prospect to serve their needs.

This is the basic example to show how the shared short code works. Apart from this many business people of all major industries are using these services for promotions and marketing.

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What does IUC mean?

Definition : Interconnection Usage Charges

Category: Technology Communication

Country/Region : India

Interconnection Usage Charges or IUC is a regulation made by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) in which the Phone companies pay one another Interconnection Usage Charges for using each other’s network to complete calls. IUC changes can often affect consumer tariffs.

For More Detail Visit :

Or Call for More Clearification : +91 99079 22122 or 7310000012

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What is Optin SMS & How it work?

Are you tired of adding a new contact number to your ongoing Bulk SMS address book? Or do you find the conventional method of asking people for their mobile numbers, writing them down, typing them in an Excel sheet and then finally uploading them manually to your online Bulk SMS phone book group tedious? Then it’s time for you to go for a newly launched Bulk SMS feature i.e. Community Opt-In SMS Services.

In India, very few Bulk SMS service providers use this unique SMS feather which helps them to add the additional contact list to the existing bulk SMS address book in a very simplified manner. All that you need to do is simply ask the people to send a text message to join your group or community.

SMSGATEWAYHUB is one such Bulk SMS service provider offering best of Community Opt-In Bulk SMS solutions to its clients. We are excited to offer you this exclusive feature that facilitates the customer to whom we want to send a text message to automatically add their mobile number to our online Bulk SMS address book by sending a text message from their cell phone.

We assure you to offer a very secured and flexible Community Opt-In feature, wherein you can manage your group list safely online. And also make necessary changes that are implemented on real-time basis.
Our unique SMS gateway and business expertise provides the essential tools and knowledge for your business to have a personalized communication with your new and existing clients. This method of targeted, permission-oriented, specific marketing has yielded positive results among business communities.
Considered one of the cost as well as time saving Bulk SMS campaigns, Community Opt-In SMS service is truly emerging as one of the latest marketing tool in the world of SMS marketing.

Community Opt-In SMS Services can be used by any community or company or individual to send out important updates and this sms route will be treated as Transactional SMS Route Gateway.

  • Opt-in Option: Subscription through SMS compulsory.
  • Opt-out Option: Stop Services through SMS compulsory.
  • Delivery Time: 24×7 SMS Delivery.
  • DND Numbers: Delivered if subscribed.
  • Sender ID: Static Alpha Numeric 6 characters Sender ID.
  • Gateway Options: High Priority Transactional SMS Gateway.
  • Multiple Gateway: Automatically assigned to all clients.
  • Set up cost: Long code Charges applicable.

For More Details Visit or call : 9907922122 or 7310000012

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"SMS Marketing"

Promote Live Events Using SMS Marketing

Live conferences as well as events are the best ways in the latest trend where SMS marketing is making wonders. What is SMS? Well, it is Short Message Service, which is now being used by many companies for promotion of the events and making them interactive and amazing for the audiences. This is a new way which is helping the companies to keep the information updated with the clients or customers.

Irrespective of what the event is, whether it is an event or seminar or any meeting, SMS can help you in reaching a wide number of audiences. In addition to this, it is also a good platform from where you can receive feedback from your receivers in many ways. There are many advantages of using SMS marketing for a company, let us have a look at some popular ones as follows.

#1 It helps in promotion of the event and then it eventually increases the number of audiences for your company. Text messaging service is simple, fast and very much effective.

#2 Short but informative content can be sent to hundreds and thousands of mobiles in a go. You can remind your audiences about any event just with one simple message.

#3 One can include GIF’s, links, coupon codes, time and date, and anything they like in the SMS and send it to the audiences.
Ways to use SMS marketing for promotion of events
Let us have a quick look at the top ways using which you can promote any events with the Bulk SMS service.

Regular updates
As SMS’s are sent for events, one can send regular updates via text to let the people know about any changes or anything more specific which has been later included for the event. It is the fastest and best way to inform the users.
Question and Answer effective strategy
Usually, at the events people have many questions in mind that are to be asked. However, it becomes difficult and confusing after the event has been started. Fortunately, people can draft questions and send them through text format to the concerned person. Your question will reach, and you will not have to struggle also. It is quick, effective and of course the most appropriate way.
Get immediate feedback
While you are planning for any event, you may come across certain doubts. It can be time consuming to call everyone and get solutions. However, using the text message service can help you in question or asking doubts to the certain person, and he/she will reply you shortly. The waiting time is cut down here. This also improves the involvement of people as they can give you suggestions and feed backs easily.
Anonymous feed backs
It is true that people sometimes get afraid in giving our feed backs, especially if they are negative. However, through SMS service you can send any feedback through unknown numbers in an anonymous way.
So, with so many benefits and interesting strategies, start using the SMS platform for promotion of the events.

For More Detail Visit or call : 9907922122 , 0731-0000012

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"voice sms"

Enhance Output With Bulk Voice SMS

SMS, Short Message Service is the most affordable way to stay connected with friends and family. Now marketers have started using SMS for their marketing and want to stay in touch with customers in better manner. Personal message is done with mobile phone, but marketing text message is done with the help of computer and internet. It needs software to send marketing messages to clients. Sending SMS for marketing of product and service is known as Bulk SMS. One of the services provided by bulk SMS providers is Voice SMS. It’s not text. A message is recorded in voice and send to all the potential customers. Its greater impact on customers. It adds a personal touch to the message and makes the customers feel connected and is more beneficial over text message.

Being a leading Bulk Voice Calls Service provider in India, we have an integrated technology &best planning to serve your needs. Bulk Voice SMS Service is the most popular mean to promote business online in India. Being a leading Bulk Voice Text Message provider in India, we have a complete customized Voice Call, SMS Promotion system and Voice Text Message System for your business.Voice Call and SMS Services in India is the fastest growing way of promoting business online.

Are you looking to strengthen sales, improve staff output, and greatly increase income? If so, then adding low-cost, hosted automated calling services to your phone system may be the answer to accomplishing all the above goals quickly and easily.

Bulk Voice SMS Service as we all know it to send SMS from PC to Mobile to a large number of people at a single click with the help of software. Although, this services can be used in various ways depending on organization to organization. It is used by enterprises, banks, media companies-and-consumer brands for a variety of purposes including mobile alert, information, entertainments, mobile marketing and Enterprises. It has proved to be the inexpensive form of marketing in these days. Voice SMS allows organizations to send advertising voice directly to the mobile phones of targeted consumers.

In Voice Text Messaging, a message is broadcasted from a person to a community and this can be done only by proper distribution of information. If you are thinking of starting up a new business and you want people to know about your new project then using the PRP Bulk SMS India facility will be really wise. Voice Text  Messaging a very inexpensive method of marketing and is very effective in. With the use of Voice Text Messaging service many people can be contacted at a single point of time and you can enter into their life through their mobile phones. Nowadays, there are many bulk Voice Text Messaging providers in India who provides cheap Voice Text Messaging Service. PRP is one of them.

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"Bulk SMS"


The Bulk SMS services has recently become one of the most popular means of getting the best help for most business concerns. In fact the point is that the bulk SMS services is popular throughout the world and is rapidly increasing in popularity these days in India as well.

The most valuable feature of the Bulk SMS is that a solo SMS can be forwarded to thousands of customers. The number of SMS can be determined by a sender. Highest number of receivers can be heighten to an enormous digit number and even can be reduce to least single recipient by the use of bulk SMS services. The most unique features of the bulk SMS is that unique sender identification tag produced will be made available to each and every user and the identical ID brand is shown by dispatcher while sending Bulk SMS. The group of functionality of the Bulk SMS is another significant factor that should be noted. Due to its little price tag, many alleged companies opt for the Bulk SMS India for promoting their product and services. It is expected that you can set aside up to 30 % of the full amount which was used up for printed media campaigning, with the help of Bulk SMS. Network coverage is very essential for distribution of Bulk SMS, for good distribution of Bulk SMS all over India. Bulk SMS is cited for purpose like citation, directions, and promotional campaigns. Bulk SMS is needed to distribute a message to numerous number of mobile phone users instantly. An additional major advantage of Bulk SMS is its reasonable price factor which has been affirmed earlier. At the present time youths make use of SMS and Bulk SMS to friends as amateur device. Bulk SMS method is the most up-to-date bludgeon used in the cut-throat competition business, for promoting your product in the market.

One of the most important parts of Bulk SMS India in business is on the spot delivery of messages, time cutback, price effectiveness, and immediate quantifiable response from the recipients. Even the Bulk SMS can be dispersed without any geographical restrictions with guaranteed delivery to the receiver, thus consuming time and energy. The user gets a chance to subscribe on the scrupulous website for text messages, as to connect with their customers and clients for specials and promotions. The factor that attracts about the Bulk SMS in India is that, it does not need to obtain a message it does not require to be switched on the mobile unit and the user will get the message when the unit is on air. The reply time for the SMS Bulk India will be within 48 hours as soon as the user gets the message, as the majority of the mobile phone users use their cell phones most of the time and messages are tartan prior to deletion. The bulk SMS can drive to the recipients’ mobile phones by the sender subsequently, just by typing the SMS text. A pivotal thing to be remembered is that the number of characters used in a SMS need to be restricted up to 160 characters for a single credit.

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"long code sms"

SMS Marketing: What’s Important For Businesses

Mobile marketing provides allows businesses to engage customers in instant two-way communication. Unfortunately however, much of the advice given to businesses focuses only on the technology – SMS short-code,  long-code, SMS vendors, aggregators… as a business owner it can be enough to make your head spin.

When setting up a campaign, the real questions that need asking are how will the text message campaign will:

Attract new customers
Retain existing customers longer
Encourage existing customers to buy more? (Or more often.)
Then equally importantly:

What value will the text message campaign provide to end users?

Smsgatewayhub Mobile marketing is unique as a medium, in that it is completely opt in. Customers have to opt in and want to receive text messages from you, and customer privacy is paramount. With good reason too – most of us keep our phones on us at all times, not even turning them on when we go to bed!

As customers we don’t want to receive more marketing, but we do want to receive relevant offers that we are interested in and have opted in to receive.

The easiest and most frequent use of text messaging campaigns by businesses is mobile coupons. Financial incentives can be a great way to attract customers, especially if your business experiences quiet periods (think cheap lunchtime deals at a restaurant).

While we are big fans of mobile coupling, my goal today is to get you thinking beyond financial incentives. This is because they:

Teach customers to expect a discount (and devalue your products and services in the process)
Raise your variable costs, as you have to produce more to make the same level of profit
Other uses could be:

Service reminders. (When did you last have your oil changed? Would you like to renew your warranty? How about home insurance? Has your product been dispatched?)
Appointment reminders. For businesses that work on an appointment basis (e.g. dentists), the biggest cost of business is no-shows, as you cannot get the time back. Use SMS to send appointment reminders to give customers the chance to cancel if they cannot attend.
Instead of discounting, offer a premium SMS group (e.g. fast club entry), free upgrades, special access.
Mobile coupling is a great tool for businesses small and large, but for long term success every offer you send should not be a discount. Having a customer’s permission to send them text messages is extremely valuable, however you need to be creative to in thinking of different ways your text message campaigns can provide value to your customers

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"Long code sms service in India"

Mobile Marketing Guide: SMS Shortcodes or SMS Longcodes

One of the strengths of mobile marketing is that it allows you to measure the effectiveness of all your existing offline marketing; for example newspaper ads, yellow pages ads, directory listings and magazine ads. The best way of doing this is to add a mobile ‘call to action’ to your advertising.

Despite the media frenzy surrounding QR codes, SMS short and long-codes remain the best way of achieving this, because every phone can receive and send SMS text messages. With smartphone adoption  only at around one third, why eliminate two-thirds of your potential responses?

What’s an SMS Shortcode?

An SMS Shortcode is essentially a five digit number on which you can set up a keyword. When somebody sends a text containing your keyword to the five digit number, a response is triggered – for example a mobile coupon can be sent back.

Having a Shortcode then as part of your call to action then could be ‘Text DEAL to 81234 for 20% off your next [haircut/sandwich/food bill]”. You can then monitor how many people text DEAL to 81234, so you now know how effective your offline advertising truly is. To see an example of a Shortcode in action, text 10TIPS to 88802 .

Bonus tip: Set up a different keywords for each type of offline advertising, so you can monitor what media is driving the responses.

What’s an SMS Long code?

An SMS Long code works in a similar way to a Shortcode, only (as the name suggests) a Long code is a full 10 digit number that your customers can text, but not ring. The advantage of using a Long code is that the Long code is unique to your business (only you use it), meaning you can set-up as many different keywords as you like for no additional cost.

Short codes on the other hand are provisioned carrier by carrier, making it very expensive to operate your own Shortcode  For smaller businesses, it is more common to rent a keyword on a Shortcode that already exists. This means you pay per keyword , and if another business is already using a term you cannot have it. This makes popular terms such as FREE or SALE difficult to get.

Which to choose?

Short codes are most effective when the person responding does not have a lot of time to remember or write down your number. For radio or TV ads, this is really the only option. Customers are slowly becoming more familiar with responding to Short codes, as programmes such as ‘X Factor’ now take the majority of votes by text.

Additionally, while Long codes can handle around 1000 messsages per hour, Short codes can handle 1000 messages per minute! If you are anticipating a big spike in response, go for a Shortcode.

For an SME on a tight marketing budget, Long codes can be excellent value of money, particularly if you want to set up a large number of keywords.

Finally whether you decide to use short or long codes, remember that the success of the campaign will be determined by the offer you are making. Remember, the quantity (and relevancy) of the offer are always more important than the technology! Think about the things your customers are most likely to respond to, and you response rates will increase regardless of the length of the number.

You can find more examples of SMS campaign best practice on my website Smsgatewayhub