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When, why and how did Fake DLR plague begin?

If you are working in the SMS industry, you most likely know all about  fake DLRs. They started popping up not so long ago, but I am sure you have met them on more than one occasion. Perhaps the first time you ran across them was when your clients started to ask for unusually low target prices, claiming that they had 100% delivery rate via their new awesome supplier.

At this point, it was probably hard to believe and you decided to try them out yourself. After all, why not check out trendy Magic routes towards almost all of Western Europe at 0.009 EUR per SMS with 100% delivery? Dynamic sender ID? Supported! Local SMSC? Yes, dear, very-very cheap and very-very direct, even Airtel is buying from us! Instant delivery? Dear, I tell you, 2 seconds latency! And what happens next? Say “hi” to the Fake DLRs! And ever since then, you probably hate them more than anything else in the SMS world and I definitely wouldn’t blame you for it

However, here are some reasons why fake DLRs (delivery receipts) certainly need a blessing.

  1. The first reason I’ll site is: we would not have started SMSGATEWAYHUB if there were no issue with fake DLRs and the absence of adequate solutions to counter them. SMSGATEWAYHUB was created with the aim to provide technology capable of coping with the advancing methods of our antagonists – fake delivery receipts providers. Analogically, antivirus companies depend on the existence of viruses in a similar way.
  1. Sophistication in fake DLRs technologies also helps companies, which truly care about the quality of their service, to stand out from their competition. Most SMS aggregators, which did not invest enough effort in building their HQ coverage, ended up losing significant amounts of revenue within the past few years, while the top SMS Gateway with extensive direct connections and coverage are doing better than ever. Although fake DLRs are not the only reason this happened, it has been one of the greatest catalysts. I am a strong believer in the HQ future of the SMS gateway business, and the sooner it happens the better it is overall for the industry.
  1. The third reason why Fake DLRs and especially their creators need a serious blessing, is because the future looks tough for them in 2017. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to come up with anything that could facilitate their survival. SMSGATEWAYHUB has been working hard to provide the most advanced SMS test number technology to efficiently detect, and almost certainly eliminate Fake DLRs from the routing coverage. We have already made a lot of progress in providing live SMS test numbers in more than 70 countries. However, this is just a beginning.


Solution to Fake DLR problems. Live SMS test numbers

By the end of 2017, SMSGATEWAYHUB is expected to achieve over 400 networks in live SMS test number coverage. Normally we try to have several test numbers per network (up to 10 in some cases), which makes it hard to whitelist. Unlike other test number providers, we also change our SIM cards frequently to minimize potential whitelisting.

Moreover, by the end of the year SMSGATEWAYHUB will release a unique, brand new SMS testing technology which will provide truly global testing capabilities and make test number whitelisting totally impractical.

If you would like to support our struggle and efforts to overcome the fake DLR plague, please join us and set up your free SMSGATEWAYHUB SMS test number platform account today, and benefit from our special offers for early access.

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About SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?


SMS marketing or mobile marketing is marketing on or with a mobile device. It provides customer with time and location sensitive, personalized information that promotes products and services. SMS Marketing is a way to communicate instantly with your customers via text messages. It is widely used among businesses because of its fast delivery, cost effective and high read rate.

SMSGATEWAYHUB is one of the best SMS marketing provider in INDIA. Our application is user friendly and efficient enough to bring your company’s sales goal to the next level. It can be used to update & interact with your clients, promote your products & services to drive more sales.

Social Networking sites and mobile messengers app are very popular among users. However, not everyone own a smart phone. Therefore, SMS remain a great option because of its simple-to-use attribute – No setup and No installation required. Furthermore, no matter how old or new the phone model is, all mobile phones will usually come with this default feature.

Social media platform is common, but we must also note that SMS messages will have higher readability rate than social media. Many people tend to have their mobile devices within reach but they may not be on the social media sites 24/7. However, most of the mobile phone users will check SMS notifications (almost 90% of the time) as they will assume that messages delivered is important and unlikely to be spam due to tight regulations.

In short, many believe that SMS marketing would be the next best personal approach to their new or existing customers. In fact, corporate SMS is very effective for retaining your customers as it can be used as a promoting and reminding tool.

Bulk SMS marketing service is suitable for:

  • E-commerce or retail
  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Automotive
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government
  • Education

For More Detail Visit SMSGATEWAYHUB or Call : 9907922122

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Two-Way Messaging solution to put you on the fast lane to Interactivity

icon-longcodeDue to today’s dynamic way of how a business is conducted, more employees, customers, vendors and alike are working while on the move and using mobile devices and cloud services to perform day to day business tasks. The need of the hour is to make structured data available with the stake holder that drives mobile enabled communication in a secured manner. Also a system is required for increasing the interaction with mobile users and engaging them in every possible way. Two-Way Messaging Solutions serves the purpose aptly. It helps Enterprises have a global reach, ensure quality service and a secured mechanism to distribute and access corporate data. The solution brings to you the ease of a web enabled application on any phone and related devices, anywhere and everywhere. This in turn helps in achieving high productivity level, save time, cost and enhance the response level resulting in a rich customer delight.

Two-Way Messaging solutions empower enterprises by engaging its community across the globe. The interactivity and the global reach that the solution provides, it helps to engage customers and employees with ease in meaningful interactions in a secured manner. This in turn supports business functions, works as effective PR and accelerates reactions.

Two-Way Messaging has proved to be enhancing operational efficiencies and increased interactivity for enterprises when it comes to dealing with customers and employees. . The younger workers who’re used to texting their friends can use Two-way solutions to interact with their colleagues. Two-Way texting is useful in institutions where the employees deal with sensitive or confidential information. Secure texting makes sure that they keep track of the exchange of information while at the same time, speeding up processes.

With an enterprise texting solution, companies can better enforce corporate messaging policies, thereby making it easier for employees to find and connect with co-workers. Companies in Retail, Healthcare and Financial industries are particularly attracted to this solution since it allows colleagues to engage in secure texting when dealing with confidential information such as patient information etc

An Indian Retail giant has recently introduced the enterprise texting services to reduce the lead time of procurement and distribution. The Two-Way Messaging system has helped the Retail Giant not only cut the cost, but also create a better response management from their vendor pan India. For eg: if a buyer of a certain category requires any product, he simply sends an SMS from the phone. The message is instantly delivered to all the vendors in the given location. The vendors in turn revert with a text stating the pricing and quantity available. This helps the Retail giant in making a quick comparison and helps him save lot of time and money. The material is procured and delivered at the lowest possible cost with a click of a button.

 A multinational healthcare organization has enabled enterprise texting to help the doctors and nurses interact with different departments while carrying out their activities. The fact that these messages can alert the recipient as well as the sender as to when it’s been delivered or read makes it that much more easier for them to keep track of responses. For example, if a nurse texts a doctor, she knows when the message was delivered and read. If a doctor is with a patient, he can instantly text the appropriate people in different departments instead of going to a computer and emailing them. Therefore it cuts down processes and delays.

Two-Way Messaging Solution and Virtual Number

Most Two-Way messaging solutions use a short or long code. SMSGATEWAYHUB enables Two-way messaging using a a virtual number which is a ten digit number that is accessible to all mobile users across the globe to receive SMS or Voice calls. An Enterprise can have their unique Virtual Number with minimal cost. As for the receiver, interaction via a Virtual Number is highly affordable compared to a Short Code.

SMSGATEWAYHUB owns to its credit of being the pioneer of virtual number in India. During its decade plus of existence, the company has implemented the Virtual Number solutions across different industries to affect the lives of millions of people on a daily basis. Some of the key business that have successfully applied this solution includes BFSI, BPO services, IT industries, Stock Exchange, Retail etc.

Advantages of SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging Solutions

Two-Way Messaging Solutions completes your interaction cycle. Responses to mobile users can be initiated via SMS, a Voice call or an E-Mail.

Here’s a list of just a few advantages of integrating SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging Solutions to your Enterprise Application:

  • Increases interaction: It increases the speed of response since your customers have the option of responding to your messages right away from a mobile phone. This also helps them engage in the activity as soon as possible rather than be distracted by other things.
  • Gives a personal touch to your business: Two-way Messaging allows businesses to stay in touch with customers since it creates a dialogue. This gives business a personal aspect to it. In this day and age when customers feel invisible in the mass labelled as target audience, this is best way to reach out and retain customers.
  • Global Reach: SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging Solutions allows users to remain in touch and effective regardless of their location or devices, thereby extending the everyday essential business communication and productivity tools – the need of today’s business.
  • Works as PR for the company: Communicating directly with the customer can complement marketing and PR initiatives by using dynamic, interactive campaigns.
  • Cost Effective: While it is very easy to implement, it is very cost effective too. Two-Way Messaging Solutions offered by SMSGATEWAYHUB comes packed with a SaaS based UI which is user friendly and requires less technological know-how. The services can be accessed from the basic mobiles phones available in the market and thus further reduces the cost of smart phone procurement and mobile application development.
  • Ease of Accessibility & Implementation: Since the responses can be initiated via SMS and a Voice call apart from an E-Mail the derived benefits of the solution can be utilised by even a basic mobile phone user. There are no geographical boundaries when it comes to the implementation of the system and the simplicity of the system makes its very user friendly.

How to incorporate SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging Solutions into your business

SMSGATEWAYUB  Two-Way Messaging Solutions allows customers and enterprises to interact with each other using SMSGATEWAYHUB Virtual Number platform. SMS allocates a 10-digit Virtual Number, medium code or a short code to enterprises which they can publish to customers asking them to send SMSes.

SMSGATEWAYHUB hosts these numbers on its virtual number platform. Customers of enterprises who have subscribed to Two-way messaging services from SMSGATEWAYHUB can communicate with the enterprise by sending an SMS to these virtual numbers.

Enterprises are given the option to configure static or keyword specific auto-responses via SMSes. SMSes received on these virtual numbers can be forwarded to enterprises as an email or an API. The API integration can organize the required internal action and provide a proactive response as an API Echo itself.

The entire behavior of the two-messaging can be controlled on SMSGATEWAYHUB Two-Way Messaging UI that offers a comprehensive business rule creation wizard.



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Bulk SMS Campaign

Bulk SMS Campaign

bulk sms marketing

 Our high-speed Cloud is capable of creating and sending large SMS campaigns from common data files like CSV, Excel and TXT. Just upload one of these files, select the number column and the message column (or compose your own message) and send!  

Schedule Sends

Schedule SMS to be sent at any time and pick the perfect moment to contact your audience. INDIAN timezones are supported so you can set your account time to correspond with your local time and then schedule Batch Campaigns accordingly.

Track Delivery

Watch your SMS Campaign deliver in real-time. See message deliveries and failures. Results can also be sent back to your app if you use the API.

Sign up now and start sending text messages in a few steps. No credit cards required. Walk through our documentation and quickstarts to kick the tires on the API. When you’re ready for production, upgrade your account and go live!

For More Details visit :

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What are bulk SMS

bulk sms

What are bulk SMS

Reaching groups of people on the go used to be difficult if not impossible. Bulk text messaging is rapidly becoming the most powerful weapon in the marketing arsenal – it is the only communication medium capable of reaching groups of people instantaneously – regardless of where they are.

Text marketing is an exciting and promising business tool. Used correctly it is one of the best ways to reach people at a low cost with a high level of response.

  1. More immediate than other mediums
    1. o It allows you to offer instant incentives like prizes, raffle numbers or VIP passes; or instant information like price changes, sale messages or venue and entertainment updates.
  2. High message retention
    1. o Unlike other mediums, the information you send is retained on the receivers mobile phone, making it easy and convenient for them to action the sent message.
  3. Higher Click Through Rates
    1. o Recent research suggests the average click-through rates for text messaging are five times higher than those of standard online advertising and provide stronger recall rates than television advertising

Benefits of Our Panel

  1. Unique Algorithm for faster delivery of Messages
  2. Unlimited Sender ID
  3. Unlimited Validity
  4. API to Integrate In Your Software
  5. Live Delivery Report
  6. Dynamic Messaging
  7. Bulk Excel Upload
  8. ault tolerant Systems

What is the difference between User and Reseller?

Users can send SMS from Web Panel, Excel Plugin , API . But Resellers apart from sending sms can also sell SMS to their own customers . Resellers get a white labeled panel where in they can brand to their needs . They will be provided with admin rights so that they can manage their own users.

What are the different modes of sending SMS from web panel?

  1. Single SMS – Instantly send upto 10000 numbers
  2. Group SMS – Store contacts in the group and send SMS
  3. Excel 2 SMS Static – Send SMS from contacts stored in Excel
  4. Excel 2 SMS Dynamic – Send Dynamic SMS from contacts and content stored in Excel


How many numbers maximum I can send sms at a single shot ?

  1. Single SMS – 10,000 sms
  2. Group SMS – 2,00,000 sms
  3. Excel 2 SMS Static – 65,000 sms
  4. Excel 2 SMS Dynamic – 65,000 sms

What is Sender Id?

Sender ID is the Name which goes in the Header of the SMS . It can be alpha numeric and maximum 6 characters. Eg : ICICBK . It can be your company name , product name , any names.

What is “ TM “ or “ LM “ or “TD” or “BL” which comes on SMS?

It is the operator code and it is mandatory as per TRAI’s rule . Its automatically gets added to the sender id when the message is sent.

  1. TM- Tata Maharashtra
  2. TD – Tata Delhi
  3. TA – Tata Andhra
  4. LM – Loop Mobile
  5. DZ – Aircel
  6. BL,BA ,BZ – BSNL
  7. HP  – Videocon


What is DND With Filtering or Without Filtering?

DND – Do Not Disturb Numbers . As per TRAI’s rule commercial sms should not be sent to DND Numbers registered with them . So we have two routes

With DND Filtering – SMS Sent through this route will not be sent to DND Numbers if present . We have systems so that it will be automatically filtered in run time when it is sent.

Without DND Filtering – SMS Sent through this route will be sent to DND Numbers if present . There will be no filtering for this route.

What is DND With Filtering or Without Filtering Routes Used for?

With DND Filtering – Used for promotional purpose. But strictly no lottery messages. No Content regarding lottery , sex , racism, politics .

Without DND Filtering – Used for Transactional purposes like schools , banks , closed group messaging , messaging to your customers.

Can I use DND Without Filtering Route for promotional purposes?

No. As per TRAI Guidelines You should not use it for promotional purpose. It is used only for transactional purpose. We have separate team for monitoring this route. If your account is found using this route for promotional purposes , Your account will be deactivated immediately and fine will be levied or it might lead to closure of the account.

Can I use DND Without / With Filtering Route for sending Lottery Messages?

No. You should not use it for lottery purpose. It is used only for transactional purpose. We have separate team for monitoring this route. If your account is found using this route for promotional purposes , Your account will be deactivated immediately and fine will be levied or it might lead to closure of the account.

How to add a New Sender Id?

You can add a new sender id by going to Push SMS ->Add Sender Id. Select the appropriate route for the sender id (With / Without DND Filtering ) and Request. Sender Ids need to approved by your admin.

How to get WITHOUT DND FILTERING New Sender Id?

If you want to get a without dnd filtering sender id , you should submit a scanned and filled ndnc form to your admin/reseller on your letter head with your sample message. If approved , you will get activated in 1 hour.

When will I get my sender id approved?

With DND Filtering Sender Ids takes at most 10 minutes to get approved. Without DND Filtering Sender Id takes at most 1 hour to get approved after the scanned ndnd form is submitted and approved.

How will I know that my sender id is approved?

You will get an instant sms notification after the sender id is approved. You can start sending sms right away with that sender id.

What is a Credit and how many characters it includes ?

1 Credit is a message with 160 characters.

Can I send messages with more than 160 characters and how will credits be deducted?

Yes you can send messages upto 1200 characters . 1 credit will deducted for every 160 characters. Suppose you have 180 characters message . It ll take 2 credits.

What is Template and how can I use it?

Template is the stored message which is used often. You can start creating by going to Push SMS -> Add Templates. You can use it when sending Single , Group , Excel to File Static, Excel File to Dynamic SMS

How can I Schedule SMS for future?

You can schedule any number of sms in future by going to Push SMS -> Compose Schedule SMS . You can schedule either by group or single.

Is there any maximum limit to schedule sms?

No , there is no maximum limit . However for better throughput please schedule only if necessary.

How do I check If the message is scheduled or to delete the scheduled message before delivery?

You can manage your scheduled sms by going to Push SMS – > Manage Scheduled SMS . You can delete by clicking on the delete button to delete the scheduled messages.

How do I Send SMS from Excel (only .xls file)?

Please store all the numbers in the first column without 91 and without heading . Then go to Push SMS -> Excel File 2 SMS and upload the file and send sms.

How do I Send Different SMS to Different Numbers from Excel (only .xls file)?

Please store the phone numbers in the first column and rest of the content in the remaining columns. Then go to Push SMS -> Excel File 2 SMS Dynamic . Upload the file and type the content as , to replace the corresponding fields.

For example , you want to send salary details to your employees.

Excel Sheet

Phone Name Cash
9111123334 Ram 3,000
9111111134 Ravi 4,000
9644456665 Murugesh 5,000

Example message :Dear #field1# , Your salary of Rs. #field2# is credited to your bank account successfully.

Likewise any number of fields can be added and messages can be sent accordingly.

How to send sms from Group?

In order to send sms from group you must create a group and add contacts to it. To create a group , Push SMS – > Create Group To Add Contacts to Groups Push SMS -> Add Contacts to Groups -> Manual Upload / Excel Upload – > Upload Numbers without 91 Go to Push SMS -> Compose Single / Group SMS -> Select one / many groups – > Select Sender Id -> Type Message – > send

How to check if a number is found in the group?

Go to Push SMS -> Check a Number in Group -> Select Group -> Enter number without 91 and check

How to see the numbers in the group or delete the group?

Go to Push SMS -> Manage Groups -> Export to see the numbers in the group Go to Push SMS -> Manage Groups -> Delete to delete the group

How to plugin SMS to my Website?

You can use our HTTP API to plugin sms to your website.

What is HTTP API?

HTTP Application Programming Interface is used to send sms from any application instantly connected to internet.

You can use ASP , ASP.NET , Scripting , PHP , JSP, Perl , Python and any scripting languages to send sms.

What are the parameters in HTTP API? message&route=clickhere
Parameter Name Description
Account Parameters
APIKey Instead of the username and password you can use the API KEY for authentication of account.
Message Parameters
senderid Approved sender id(6 characters string only).
channel Message channel Promotional=1 or Transactional=2
route Pass the route id in this parameter to route the message. Click Here for more information regarding your routeid.
DCS Data coding value (Default is 0 for normal message, Set 8 for unicode sms)
flashsms Flash message immediate display (Default is 0 for normal sms, Set 1 for immediate display)
number Recipient mobile number (pass with comma seprated if need to send on more then one number)

API is case sensitive . Sender id and Route should match .Otherwise sms will not be delivered.

Can I get the request the sender id through API?

Yes . You can check the HTTP API section.

Can I get the Delivery Report through API?

Yes . You can check the HTTP API section.

What are the other options in API?

You can schedule sms through api , check balance . For more options check HTTP API section.

Where XML API can be used?

It can be used for XML supported applications.

Can I get the api required customized for me?

Yes. Our development team can get api required for you in 48 hours provided sales team has approved.

How do I check the message which I have sent is delivered or not?

Go to Reports -> SMS Reports -> Select date interval and you can see latest 100 sms sent in the panel.

How can I see the reports for more than 100 sms?

Go to Reports -> SMS Reports by Excel -> Select date interval and you can download the report in multiples of 50000.

What are the meaning of DELIVRD, EXPIRED , UNDELIVRD in the report?

DELIVRD – SMS Delivered

EXPIRED – SMS gets expired before It reaches the handset . It might be due to the unavailability of handset

UNDELIVRD – SMS undelivered to the mobile number

FAILED – Delivery Failed to the mobile number

NDNC Failed – DND Number .

Sub SMSC – SMS Submitted to our SMSC and waiting for report to get updated


How to add a new user / reseller?

Goto Resellers – > Add New Users/Resellers and fill and add. Note that if reseller , a domain name is required.

I have a Domain . How do I activate my reseller’s panel?

Point the A record of the domain to our IP . Then put the domain name without www in add new user /reseller.

I have a User in my account. I want to convert him as a reseller. How to do that?

Go to Resellers -> Manage Users -> Click Convert straight to the user. Enter the domain details.

How long it will take for the domain to point to our server ?

It might take 24 hours to point . It depends on your domain provider.

How long it will take to activate the panel after the domain is pointed ?

Immediately. It ll be activated.

I want to deactivate the user / reseller . how do I do that?

Go to Resellers -> Manage User -> Deactivate

How do I Assign credits to my customer?

Go to Resellers -> Add/Deduct credits . Select the customer and add the credits

How do I deduct credits from my customer?

Go to Resellers -> Add/Deduct credits . Select the customer and type the credits to be deducted prefixed with a minus sign.Credits deducted will be added to your account.

How do I Set the contents on the home page , title , logo?

Go to Resellers -> Branding -> You can set the home page , title , logo , notification.

I have set the notification content for my customers. But I am still seeing my reseller’s notification . Why?

You will get your resellers notification content . Your Users will get your notification content.

How do I change the contact number / Email ID?

Go to Profile . You can change and update the required fields.

How do I change password?

Go to Profile – > Change Password and you can change the password.

What is Excel Plugin and what is It used for?

Excel plugin is a piece of software when installed is found as a part of excel by which you can send sms directly from the website without logging into the website. You can download from the home page and install . You should have Microsoft Excel 2007 to work on it.

What will I do if I don’t have answer for my questions here?

Simple. Go to Complaint Box -> Raise a complaint . Give the subject and description and note the complaint number and call +91 9907922122 or within 30 mins of raising complaint and we will be very happy to assist you.