Share Longcode Vs Dedicated Longcode

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Share Longcode Vs Dedicated Longcode

Using SMSGATEWAYHUB you can get virtual numbers to receive SMS. They have three options to receive SMS which are Keyword, Long code and Short code let me tell you about all three in detail:

  • Keyword: Where you can select a business keyword(for example SMSHUB is my keyword) that will become your inbox and SMSHUB has a dedicated long code which is 9664653344 . If my customer sends a message to 9664653344  with SMSHUB in the message you will receive the message sent by the customer in the SMSHUB inbox.
  • Short code:Short code is a virtual number which ranges from 5 digits to 9 digits which can be used to receive and send messages. You can also have Keywords on your dedicated short codes. Taking a short code is always advantageous as it is easy to remember.
  • Long code:It is a 10 digit virtual number which is similar to a phone number. You can receive and send messages to this number. You can also have Keywords to your dedicated long code to have different inboxes.

SMSGGATEWAYHUB is the No.1 SMS platform in India with over 65,000 enterprises using their SMS platform. On sign up they provide you with 100 free credits to test their platform. SMSGATEWAYHUB does not generate verification codes you will have to do it at your end they can provide you with virtual number as mentioned above.

For More Detail visit or call : 9009402256


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