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Protected: Proposal to Provide BULK SMS

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SMS GATEWAY HUB Wishes you Happy GidiPadwa

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#smsgatewayhub Wishes you happy GudiPadwa


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OTP SMS Service Provider

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OTP SMS Service Provider

otpsms_smsgatewayhubSMS Gateway Hub does now have exclusive pipeline for OTP SMS delivery. SMS delivery will be instant to the recipient with the fail-safe method. Our exclusive OTP SMS Gateway will only allow who sends out OTPs to their clients. Hence, this requires pre-approved SMS template to use this gateway.


  • OTP SMS Route
  • Super High Priority Gateway
  • Open Template
  • Unlimited Validity
  • Alpha Sender ID
  • 24 x 7 Delivery
  • DND Numbers Delivered

Looking for Complete OTP SMS Infrastructure?


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When, why and how did Fake DLR plague begin?

If you are working in the SMS industry, you most likely know all about  fake DLRs. They started popping up not so long ago, but I am sure you have met them on more than one occasion. Perhaps the first time you ran across them was when your clients started to ask for unusually low target prices, claiming that they had 100% delivery rate via their new awesome supplier.

At this point, it was probably hard to believe and you decided to try them out yourself. After all, why not check out trendy Magic routes towards almost all of Western Europe at 0.009 EUR per SMS with 100% delivery? Dynamic sender ID? Supported! Local SMSC? Yes, dear, very-very cheap and very-very direct, even Airtel is buying from us! Instant delivery? Dear, I tell you, 2 seconds latency! And what happens next? Say “hi” to the Fake DLRs! And ever since then, you probably hate them more than anything else in the SMS world and I definitely wouldn’t blame you for it

However, here are some reasons why fake DLRs (delivery receipts) certainly need a blessing.

  1. The first reason I’ll site is: we would not have started SMSGATEWAYHUB if there were no issue with fake DLRs and the absence of adequate solutions to counter them. SMSGATEWAYHUB was created with the aim to provide technology capable of coping with the advancing methods of our antagonists – fake delivery receipts providers. Analogically, antivirus companies depend on the existence of viruses in a similar way.
  1. Sophistication in fake DLRs technologies also helps companies, which truly care about the quality of their service, to stand out from their competition. Most SMS aggregators, which did not invest enough effort in building their HQ coverage, ended up losing significant amounts of revenue within the past few years, while the top SMS Gateway with extensive direct connections and coverage are doing better than ever. Although fake DLRs are not the only reason this happened, it has been one of the greatest catalysts. I am a strong believer in the HQ future of the SMS gateway business, and the sooner it happens the better it is overall for the industry.
  1. The third reason why Fake DLRs and especially their creators need a serious blessing, is because the future looks tough for them in 2017. In fact, I’m hard-pressed to come up with anything that could facilitate their survival. SMSGATEWAYHUB has been working hard to provide the most advanced SMS test number technology to efficiently detect, and almost certainly eliminate Fake DLRs from the routing coverage. We have already made a lot of progress in providing live SMS test numbers in more than 70 countries. However, this is just a beginning.


Solution to Fake DLR problems. Live SMS test numbers

By the end of 2017, SMSGATEWAYHUB is expected to achieve over 400 networks in live SMS test number coverage. Normally we try to have several test numbers per network (up to 10 in some cases), which makes it hard to whitelist. Unlike other test number providers, we also change our SIM cards frequently to minimize potential whitelisting.

Moreover, by the end of the year SMSGATEWAYHUB will release a unique, brand new SMS testing technology which will provide truly global testing capabilities and make test number whitelisting totally impractical.

If you would like to support our struggle and efforts to overcome the fake DLR plague, please join us and set up your free SMSGATEWAYHUB SMS test number platform account today, and benefit from our special offers for early access.

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Customer Complaint: Delay in SMS Deliveries

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Today I’m sharing here a Topic which has created a huge impact in our industry.
Complaints on SMS Deliveries: Why my SMS Campaign deliveries are getting Delayed?
General Customer Complaints:
  1. There is a huge delay in getting sms delivery on my mobile.
  2. I cannot wait for hours or days long to receive one single sms.
  3. Text SMS arrival should happen instant, why it takes so much time!!
You must be handling these questions on daily basis and must be putting good amount of efforts in answering them with care.
Addressing Above Complaints:
First and foremost, for any organization, it is of utmost importance to address such complaints coming from customers with high priority and sincerity. Even big global operators doesn’t commit instant deliveries to their clients, generally they share a time duration of around 12 to 24 hours. Somehow, due to this competitive era, and lack of market awareness, few companies are still able to offer fake promises on instant SMS deliveries. However, due to lack of transparency and honesty, customer may feel cheated and also may discontinue working with such companies.
It is upto individual businesses, how they want to put themselves in the market. either 1) they can easily bluff their customers by giving wrong promises, or 2) they can educate them in right manner and win their confidence and ensure a long-term working relationship.
Here are the actual problems due to which delay in sms delivery occurs.

Network Level Issue: 

When your customer shoots sms campaign during heavy network usage, you may mark a potential delay in sms transmission. You may also notice a marginal delay due to high Congestion, which may occur on the network, due to increased intervals of sms traffic. Messages are sent in data packets over the network. It happens sometimes that the packet gets lost and has to re-route to its correct destination. This typically has a time-out. For most networks, this is usually set at 24 hours i.e. if your phone was not reacheable for 24 hours, the network will abort the message.
Non-identical Networks: 
Each network prioritizes it’s own sms traffic. Therefore, when any sender and any receiver uses Non-identical networks, there are possibilities that SMS may get delayed.

Handset Problem: 

The most common issue with sms delivery delays, is problem with Handsets. Switched-off, Low Battery, SIM issues, Billing issues, etc, may be one of the reasons. Broken or tilted antenna of Handsets can also lead to such situations.
Location of Handset: 
Sender and Recipient location plays vital role in delivering instant message. If mobile device is located outside any network’s coverage area or it is lying on a spot where the network signal is fully blocked, under bad weather, a delay in transmission may occur. Tall & Old buildings with poor mobile signal can worsen the situation. Also, driving above 70 km/hour with your handset may hold-up SMS.
Error on operator’s server: 
Another reason for the delay of Text messages is an error on operator’s server. Normally such problems are easily fixed by the carriers and there is a low probability that your message will be lost.

Hope the information was useful to you. Discuss any topics from our industry with us on or call us on 91 99079 22122

Best Regards

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Share Longcode Vs Dedicated Longcode

Using SMSGATEWAYHUB you can get virtual numbers to receive SMS. They have three options to receive SMS which are Keyword, Long code and Short code let me tell you about all three in detail:

  • Keyword: Where you can select a business keyword(for example SMSHUB is my keyword) that will become your inbox and SMSHUB has a dedicated long code which is 9664653344 . If my customer sends a message to 9664653344  with SMSHUB in the message you will receive the message sent by the customer in the SMSHUB inbox.
  • Short code:Short code is a virtual number which ranges from 5 digits to 9 digits which can be used to receive and send messages. You can also have Keywords on your dedicated short codes. Taking a short code is always advantageous as it is easy to remember.
  • Long code:It is a 10 digit virtual number which is similar to a phone number. You can receive and send messages to this number. You can also have Keywords to your dedicated long code to have different inboxes.

SMSGGATEWAYHUB is the No.1 SMS platform in India with over 65,000 enterprises using their SMS platform. On sign up they provide you with 100 free credits to test their platform. SMSGATEWAYHUB does not generate verification codes you will have to do it at your end they can provide you with virtual number as mentioned above.

For More Detail visit or call : 9009402256


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OTP SMSAuthenticating users over the phone or on your website is the most important factor for any business.

Most secured authentication nowadays many businesses rely on SMS. They send SMS, One Time Password (OTP) to users when users want to make any important transactions on their site or over telephone.

When websites want to authenticate an user, they simply create a token or random code and send One Time Password (OTP) to the user’s mobile phone.

Once user receives the token or random generated code, then user would enter those details and authenticate himself/herself.



When to use One Time Password (OTP)?

If you have a website, you can use it for several transactions like
Forgot Password.
Reset Password.
New User Registration.
Change Password.
Download important document.
Adding Funds.
Withdrawal Funds.
and for many more transactions.

Banks also use this to authenticate users for making important transactions on their site or telebanking.

How does it work?

Let’s say, one of your user has forgotten password and would like to reset them then user validates account credentials and then you as a enterprise owner will send an OTP via SMS. User gets a password on phone and enters that to validate further on your website. Thus, you are securing user’s account and user’s transactions.

How to use One Time Password (OTP)?

If you have in-house software developers, they can integrate this feature on your website or IVR system. Or you can hire software companies to do the same.

Authenticating users using SMS has been the most secured platform for any business. If you are not using this feature, try and implement now.

SMSGATEWAYHUB provides instant delivering SMS Gateway to send OTP SMS on users phone. So, users should not wait for longer time to get their authentication code to verify themselves.

If you are looking for One Time Password SMS Script, we can also develop it for your website along with SMS services for sending one time password (otp) or you just want SMS services to deliver the OTP instantly, then you can rely on SMSGATEWAYHUB.

For MOre Detail or Demo Please signup and you will free Credits for testing our OTP Services

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Are You Looking For Bulk SMS and Bulk Voice SMS Service For Election Campaign?

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election voice sms

Bulk SMS (or SMS marketing) and Bulk Voice call (or Voice Broadcasting) services are the best way to help you communicate with your target audience.

Bulk voice call and bulk SMS deliver your message to millions of people. So, political parties also choose this service to educate people about their campaign & candidates.

Sender or Callers send their message to people & ask people for voting on election day. It is the best way to tell who is candidate & what he stands for.

More voters are now being contacted by Voice Broadcasting way over any other. This is because it is quick, cost-effective way to deliver your message to thousands of targeted audience.

It’s very important to remain in the mind of people during the season of the election. What could be a better option then you are reaching everyone with your message and that too in such a cost effective approach.

Why voice broadcasting is a good choice for the election campaign?

Voice broadcasting service is a better choice for your election campaign. Take a look at some advantages of this service.

  • User-friendly which delivers message instantly & accurately.
  • Personalize your message & add a personal touch.
  • Easy to use and simple monitoring.
  • Good choice to extend audience reach.
  • Send custom messages to each user.
  • A better understanding of people interest.

What voice broadcasting offers you?

A voice broadcasting service carries below mentioned features which make broadcasting very easy.

  • Real-time tracking & monitoring.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Easy to manage & no need to have technical knowledge.
  • Web-based detailed campaign reports.
  • Import of contacts in seconds.
  • Email & SMS notification.

Why Bulk SMS is a good choice for the election campaign?

Here are some top reasons why you should opt bulk SMS service for your election campaign.

  • Direct medium for communication. SMS sends directly to the in-box of all contacts.
  • SMS is a Cost effective medium.
  • Perfect medium to increase your party presence among your target audience.
  • Text messages are short and concise (to the point).
  • Great way to get feedback and suggestions from your voters.

Questions to ask while choosing Bulk SMS and Bulk Voice SMS service

Take a look at this checklist before choosing a bulk SMS and bulk voice SMS service provider.

  • What does my campaign want to achieve with these services?
  • What is my marketing budget?
  • Is service provider company providing a demo?
  • Do I need a service provider to plan my campaign strategy?
  • What type of content should I use in my campaigns?
  • What level of customer support should I expect from the company?
  • What type of tracking factors will measure the effectiveness of my campaigns?

This post is inspired by our recent SMS Marketing and Voice Broadcasting posts.

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SMPP API for Carrier-grade Messaging

Connection Details
Server Address: Port: 3456TON and NPI: 0MessageMedia will provide customers with an SMPP username and password on request

Implementation Notes
The Message Media SMPP server is SMPP 3.4 compatible. The SMPP specification can be found at


The following SMPP commands are supported:

if source address is empty, one of Message Media’s general sending numbers will be used
long messages over 160 characters, but less than 254 characters can be sent through the short_message parameter
long messages over 160 characters and up to 65,000 characters can be sent through the message_payload optional parameter. See section 3.2.3 of the SMPP 3.4 specification. The short_message parameter should be null
long messages will be sent as concatenated messages from the gateway where possible

The following SMPP commands are not supported and will be ignored by the SMPP server:


The following delivery report types are supported:

DELIVRD – Message was successfully delivered
UNDELIV – Message is undeliverable (error with the destination)
EXPIRED – Message could not be delivered within validity period
REJECTD – Message was explicitly rejected by an upstream carrier
Please note that SMSGATEWAYHUB support up to eight concurrent binds.

If you have any questions, please contact SMSGATEWAYHUB Support on +91 9907922122 or Email us at

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How do long-code SMS services work?

Lead Generation! Voting!

Long Code/Virtual Number refers to virtual 10 digit number which can be used to receive SMS from other mobile numbers of all over the world. Long Code are just like your mobile phone number.

This allows people to reply of your Bulk SMS campaigns that you send them by obtaining 2-way SMS. They do not need to start their text with a keyword, so no matter what they send, their entire text is captured. Long codes can also texted directly so customers might be able to text you with specific query for example

Shared Long Code:

Shared Long Code is one shared by more than one company. This means there are multiple applications or services running on it which are designated by keywords.

If you avail this service, you will get one number which is shared by many other business people. But for your need it is differ with the business keywords of your product or service.

For Example: Let say number is 9664653344. So this number is already shared by many people with their respective keywords. Now, let say my business is Bulk SMS. Then I will prepare the content of promotion as given below:

“Hello, Happy New Year!! On occasion of these happy moments, SMSGATEWAYHUB provides you great discounts on BULK SMS Services to promote your Business & Services. For Free Demo Trial Type SMSHUB and send it to 9664653344.”

So whoever the customer type the keyword and send SMS to above number, then automatically we will get details of the prospect to our server. After that we can interact with the prospect to serve their needs.

This is the basic example to show how the shared short code works. Apart from this many business people of all major industries are using these services for promotions and marketing.